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Generous Earth Gardens is a landscape design and maintenance company that specializes in organic gardening. We create serene and sophisticated gardens that ultimately become extensions of your home. We care about finding the perfect design for your particular style, be it modern and zen or a classic country garden, while at the same time using our patience and knowledge to create successful and sustainable organic landscapes. Generous Earth Gardens offers a broad range of services tailored to a spectrum of your needs. During this process, you'll also learn how to maintain a successful and bountiful garden by working closely with our team of experts.

driven by an environmental awareness

It is our philosophy to create carefully designed spaces that are sustainable, serene, and have a strong sense of place. We want to create gardens that become extensions of your living space; ones that are artful, inviting and pleasurable. want your garden to become an integral part of your home. And we do this by using materials that complement your space and vision, carefully selecting the most aesthetically pleasing stone, wood, and flora. In the built landscape and in the garden, we design with an emphasis on space and form. In your garden it is our goal is to create rhythm and movement, textures and layers all for mystery and enticement.

carried out with care from landscape design to maintenance

The way we situate ourselves in nature is revealed by the way we link our house, garden, and landscape. Through the landscape design process, we want there to be flow between the built landscape, the garden, and the environment. We connect the indoor to the outdoor space with a seamless continuity and grace. We are inspired by nature and aim to create spaces where you can feel at peace, at home and part of nature. We do this by imitating nature by recognizing the local flora and fauna, using native plant material and most importantly, creating spaces where you can feel at peace and part of nature. For example, if you are inspired by the beaches of Cape Cod, we can reflect that in your garden by using ornamental grasses, hydrangeas, salt tolerant shrubs and perennials.

by a team of eco-friendly landscaping experts

Our team in passionate in what we do and we take great care and pride in working in your garden. Our friendly staff can accommodate your needs and help you achieve a healthy and robust landscape. Through experience, knowledge, and skill, our team executes with the finest pruning techniques, plant healthcare, and lawn services. We are proud members of National Plan diagnostic Network, Ecological Landscape Association, NOFA, New England Wildflower Society, and other industry associations. With our experience and patience, we take great pride in finding the best solution to problems that may arise. And it brings us happiness and delight knowing we will be on-time, reliable, and knowledgeable.

owner and landscape designer at generous earth gardens
jocelyn jones | owner & garden designer

My love of gardening has been a constant throughout my life, first taking seed on the farmlands of New Jersey where I was raised as a child, growing into a passion on the fruit farms of Hawaii, and eventually blossoming into a lifelong career in the city of Boston. Currently recognized as a Master Gardener by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, a certified landscape designer by the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University and a Skidmore College graduate with a B.S. in Social Work. My dedication to organic gardening and plant healthcare and passion for art, nature, and travel have led to my growing success.

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